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Payanik , PAYA means constant and NIK means good

Constant companion, Good colleague


PAYANIK Innovators Group started at 2012 by a group of Human Resource Managers to help companies in Iran to achieve their goals. The result was lowering the expenses, minimize the risks, and focus on revenue generation and business growth.

Our Team brings peace of mind for clients and manages your human resource effectively.



PAYANIK founder Mohammad Khalaj got his master in management from University of Tehran. He has 20 years of experience in different aspects of Human resource management in companies such as Golrang, Ghasem Iran, Alborz tire, and Mammut as CHRO. He was also a member in dispute resolution committee in the ministry of labor for several years and he is currently a member in IRAN Management consultants association which is a network of academic as well as industrial managers.



PAYANIK mission is to help businesses success in IRAN for community prosperity.



PAYANIK vision is to be the first choice of local and international companies in Iran for effective human resource management services.


Honesty and do the right thing
Continuous innovation
Continuous training, learning and improvement
Empathy and team work
Social responsibility

Organizational Structure


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